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Classes to suit your style

Classes that fit your style

susanQualified in Jazz (BAL), Singing (AMEB) and Ballet (BAL) with a certificate 3 in teaching Classical Ballet.
At only 16 years of age I was asked to teach some dance lessons for my local dance studio it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was hooked!!
I love all aspects of the Performing Arts but I have a special love for all styles of dance.
When I was 20 years old I had the opportunity to take over a small studio called Dance Power.
The studio went from 35 students to 250 students and only a year and this was the start of my lifelong passion of running a friendly,family ordinated dance studio.
Now 25 years later I am still doing what I love each day.
After 29 Years of teaching dance I have found that one of the most rewarding and humbling aspects of my career is when students I have taught in the past are now bringing their children to learn dance. Thereby continuing to share this mutual love of dance.
Susan teaches Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. Susan has a 100% pass rate on all exams and has received several awards from Ballet Australasia for her Honours results in Classical Ballet.

JessI absolutely love teaching a Dance Power!
I started dance lessons at Dance Power when I was only 9 years old. Dancing was always a great outlet for me to be creative and enjoy spending time with my friends.
Dance Power is like a family to me and now I am lucky enough to teach the next generation of dancers.
I have been teaching for the last 10 years and love watching my students develop confidence and improve.
I have so many wonderful memories of my years of learning dance and I have been lucky enough to be able to continue my passion of dance through teaching.
I always want to stay current with my choreography so I am still taking classes and I feel like I am always growing and learning new and exciting changes.
I have finished a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with honours. I have also completed all my exams in BAL Classical Ballet.
I am thrilled to be able to share my love of dance through my teaching role at dance Power.


My dream has always to make dancing my career. I have been at Dance Power from the very beginning and have made so many wonderful friendships along the way.
I have worked hard to achieve my goals and have successfully completed all my Ballet and Tap grades.
I have always wanted to be a versatile dancer so I jumped into every style and genre that was offered to me.
I am always wanting to learn more. In 2016 I attended Brent Street Full Time. This course opened up more learning and opportunities.
I am so glad that I can share my knowledge of dance with my students and I really enjoy watching each student progress.
Each year we are able to extend ourselves with extra workshops and guest teachers. Dance Power has really been a perfect start for me to be able to follow my dreams and branch out into the Dance World.

I have also completed a bachelor of Sports Science and am currently doing my masters in Exercise Physiology.

teaganI have been dancing from when I was tiny!! I grew up in Newcastle and l just loved learning dance.
I have always been really motivated to make a career out of dancing so I took the leap and moved out of home at only 15 years old!
I trained at Brent Street Performing Arts and after I completed my HSC I did a year of Full Time with Brent Street.
Over the years of training I have been able to learn so much from all the talented teachers and choreographers.
This experience has helped me to be very independent and has taught me what it takes to be part of the Dance World.
I have been teaching at Dance Power for 5 years now. All the students have always been so responsive to learning my styles and ideas and that is why I enjoy teaching at the studio.
I am so excited to see so many of my solo students achieving great results in Eisteddfods’ have to say I love going and watching them perform and just hanging out with this great bunch of students and families.
One of my highlights was being selected to part of the Dream Dance Company. This popular commercial dance company was a huge success in its first year. Dancing alongside some of Australia’s best dancers is just the most exciting opportunities. We performed in theatres all throughout Australia. The Dance Power crew were all there in Sydney to cheer me on and I loved that they could see me doing what I love…..
I am excited that I can create and teach at Dance Power and I look forward to seeing the progression of the dancers in the future.

josieOver the past 16 years, I’ve grown up dancing with Dance Power and being inspired by my teachers. Now I am excited to be a valued member of the Dance Power staff, which I have idolised for so long.

I have trained in all styles of dance and completed both senior tap and ballet exams. I began student teaching from a young age and loved watching the growth of all the young students.

This has led me to pursue my passion as a dance teacher enrolling into a Bachelor of Dance Education in 2021. Dance Power has provided me with many amazing opportunities over the years travelling and dancing in Hong Kong, USA and on a Royal Carribean Cruise.

Im looking forward to sharing my knowledge and creativity with my students.

AmyMy love of dance began at the tiny age of 2. I'm one of the original students of Dance Power, I've been part of this family since the beginning! After completing all of my dance exams with DP, I studied full time and graduated with my Certificate IV in Performing Arts. I'm qualified in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Singing, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. I started teaching for Susan at age 16 and over the last 21 years I've taught kids and adults in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. I've also worked professionally in Film and Television in Australia (I spent 5 years as a regular cast member in Home and Away) and onstage in London performing in Christmas Pantomimes (cast as Princess Jasmine and Cinderella).

These days you will find me at my happy place, which is at home with my husband, my two girls and my dog, or at the studio teaching the wonderful DP kids. Life has been exciting and full of opportunity, my career took me around the world and back again and I owe so much of that to Susan and DP. There are so many transferable life skills you take with you long after you leave your dance class - like teamwork, discipline, commitment and confidence. I LOVE teaching. Watching dancers of any age grow and progress is so rewarding. DP is a family oriented, positive environment and the opportunities offered to students are amazing. I'm so lucky to be part of this fabulous team, and to have my daughters growing up dancing as part of the DP family, just like I did.

zaraI have been dancing here for 14 years and it has been nothing short of amazing. I have created friendships that will truly last forever and have acquired skills that I hold with me in all facets of my life.

The staff always offer a warm and encouraging embrace. The training is of a very high quality and the reason why I am entering the professional industry as a dancer today.

Above all else, it is beautiful and safe environment to make friends, stay fit and be inspired. I’m very excited to now be part of the teaching staff and can’t wait to share my love of choreography with all my students.

2020 was a great year of learning doing a year of full time dance at Brent Street in Sydney. Can’t wait for 2021!!

LilyI started dance at 2 years old and my first Eisteddfod I was dressed as duck and skipped across the stage. I was always around the studio with my mum and loved dance but my first love was gymnastics and spent a lot of time training as an elite Gymnast.
There was little time to dance when I was younger due to my training but I always found a way to get to at least one dance class. When I started High School I was no longer able to keep up with the demands of gymnastics and started to dance most days. I love the friendships and have always loved performing and learning new choreography. I have been so lucky to have so many fond memories of performing trips to Hong Kong, United States 2012 and 2014 and the Cruise ships.
I really enjoy teaching and get so much enjoyment from seeing the students learn and improve. I’m looking forward to 2021 and can’t wait to see what we achieve together.