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Classes to suit your style

Classes that fit your style

teaganI have been dancing from when I was tiny!! I grew up in Newcastle and l just loved learning dance.
I have always been really motivated to make a career out of dancing so I took the leap and moved out of home at only 15 years old!
I trained at Brent Street Performing Arts and after I completed my HSC I did a year of Full Time with Brent Street.
Over the years of training I have been able to learn so much from all the talented teachers and choreographers.
This experience has helped me to be very independent and has taught me what it takes to be part of the Dance World.
I have been teaching at Dance Power for 5 years now. All the students have always been so responsive to learning my styles and ideas and that is why I enjoy teaching at the studio.
I am so excited to see so many of my solo students achieving great results in Eisteddfods’ have to say I love going and watching them perform and just hanging out with this great bunch of students and families.
One of my highlights was being selected to part of the Dream Dance Company. This popular commercial dance company was a huge success in its first year. Dancing alongside some of Australia’s best dancers is just the most exciting opportunities. We performed in theatres all throughout Australia. The Dance Power crew were all there in Sydney to cheer me on and I loved that they could see me doing what I love…..
I am excited that I can create and teach at Dance Power and I look forward to seeing the progression of the dancers in the future.